Wednesday, January 14, 2009

let's update this thing...shall we?

I'm not very good at these kinds of internet things but I want to be. I have things I would like to write about...would anyone else be interested? We'll have to see.

I also have to be careful. If there is one thing I've learned from the internet is that I have a totally addictive personality. I get sooooo hooked on things like shelfari and facebook. Laundry piles up, children complain and sleep goes on the backburner. Can I aford this to happen. A mom of four? No. So I try to avoid doing things like this. We'll see how it goes.

1 comment:

tehgamerscentral said...

i am interested in what you have to say so carry on and il be here

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I always wanted to be "behind" the pictures, but it can be such a dirty little industry that I found I preferred to observe...although I still find it a fascinating someone's idea can become someone's dream and become someone's means to escape. I tend to annoy because I view a film as a peice of art, whether it's kistsch or fine and not many seem to enjoy them as much as I do. I'm happiest when I get my prescription of "1 movie a day-taken with food-preferrably at bedtime". This doesn't happen as much as I would like with 4 kids and helping my man run his own buzi-ness. Oh yeah, there's also the in-laws and the out-laws and just trying to keep my beautiful self well, just sane somehow...has anyone seen the DVD remote?

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